Bidders must send their bids to the Steering Committee chair:


As a formal bid, bidders should submit a single PDF document to the SC with the following information:

  •     Intended location for the conference
  •     who will be conference chair - inc. brief bio (1/2 page)
  •     who will be programme chair - inc. brief bio (1/2 page)
  •     brief statement of chairs' experience of running conferences
  •     who will edit the proceedings (default = both chairs)
  •     what are the initial planned dates
  •     which research groups will support the conference
  •     which sponsors are likely and how will you attract sponsorship
  •     any direction/theme change you would envisage (default = none)
  •     any new features/tracks you would like to include or other changes you would like to make to the conference (default = none)
  •     brief description (1/2 - 1 page) of conference venue
  •     brief description (1/2 - 1 page) of conference city and region/country
  •     rough idea of likely costs of (estimates only):
  1. registration rates (normal is to include everything inc workshops and dinner for all delegates)
  2. venue hire
  3. travel costs and rough times from main world cities, say, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, New York, Tokyo and Sydney
  4. a basic decent hotel for 5 nights