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Doctoral Consortium

Are you designing software tools that are easier to use for everybody? Are you developing toolkits or approaches to help users be resourceful and write their own code, even without a lot of programming experience? Are you studying how end users make use of software, adapt it, modify or innovate with it?

The IS-EUD Doctoral Consortium 2013 is a creative venue where PhD students have the opportunity to present and discuss their vision and research in end-user development (EUD). The purpose is for students to receive constructive feedback on their work, get advice about future developments, and share ideas and experiences with other students and experts within the field. Participants should have advanced beyond the introductory stage of their doctoral studies, and be actively engaged in the exploration of an EUD topic.

The Doctoral Consortium participants will present their project as part of the Poster Session.


Laura Beckwith,, Denmark
Michael Twidale, University of Illinois, US

Monday, June 10th,  9.00-17.30

Room 3A07